Aptana - Javascript and Html CodeAssisting IDE

While it still remains a challenge to sway Textmate users to use anything besides Textmate, I must still announce my personal satisfaction w/ Aptana Beta for developing Javascript, HTML and CSS pages. Aptana is new, but has a team of developers working around the clock on its development. Some of the highlights found in using Aptana are CodeAssist and outlines of your source code document. It creates an extremely easy to use, visual outline that allows you to navigate the document based on tags. For those of you who prefer using pure code to design your sites, this is an incredibly useful tool and saves time. Since Aptana is built ontop of the eclipse IDE, it offers cross-platform support for Macintosh, Windows and Linux operating systems. They even offer completely built packages for each, although at the time of this article it is not yet Eclipse 3.2 friendly. Keep in mind, Aptana is still in beta. The autocompleting and source suggestion features though are quite complete, especially for Javascript coding. I highly recommend web developers and designers to take a look at Aptana. It's young but it has a great deal of potential to be a useful tool in your arsenal. You can download Aptana here. The Aptana docs can be found here.