RoR Blog updated to MySQL

As Ben stated in a previous article, we were faced with upgrading from SQLITE to another db as our blog was getting so many hits per day that we were having concurrency problems with SQLITE which resulted in our blog frequently borking and just lying on the floor waiting for us to pick it up (i.e. restart). This is not a bad thing, but it did cause a little bit of heartache, albeit minimal. At any rate, we have chosen MySQL as our new db as it's very easy to operate and seems to be the defacto choice in the rails community (who are we to go against the grain). At the same time I would like to go on record to state that I use Postgresql for the vast majority of my production sites, yet I consider MySQL to be a speedy and formidable opponent for quite a few non mission critical implementations such as this blog :)

RoR Blog is now sporting mongrel_cluster, Apache 2.2 with mod_proxy_balancer and of course the MySQL database backend. We have also subscribed to Akismet to help combat the spam that seems to rear its ugly head and find its way into our blog via the inconsiderate and unprofessional spammers that abound. We care about the uptime of RoR blog and want it to be avaliable the vast majority of the time for all users and unfortunately this has not been the case. We sincerely hope our latest efforts will rectify this situation and our readers can continually and consistently enjoy the blog. Hope to hear from you (this does not apply to spammers).