Ruby on Rails Blog Busts a Move!

Wow, does the world of technology ever change quickly! It was just a few months ago that we had this blog officially rolling and before I could spell AJAX I found myself in a whirlwind frenzy of projects and activities that spun chaotically into a spiderweb of busyness. Although there's quite a few things I never got around to doing here on the blog in the last month and a half, let's talk about what has been happening. The blog got a facelift, although most of it is invisible. Our theme is now Typo 4.0 compatable, and while i'm mentioning it, we upgraded from Typo 2.5 to 4.0. That, in addition to a MANDATORY upgrade of Rails to version 1.1.5, due to a gaping security hole that allowed for the rubyonrails main website to become compromised and possibly others, the reports still rolling in. The good news is that the rails team quickly patched the bug and released it to the public, without clogging the release with the many features and such they are working on for the upcoming and highly anticipated 1.2 release. Speaking of 1.2, if you haven't already heard, it will be supporting REST in a major way. Now, don't confuse REST with the cute kitten here, we're talking about interfaces that tie in with XML. There will be a lot to it and I am hoping we can give you an easy to follow tutorial once it is released. The site should be running fast as ever and we hope we have put in effective spam prevention since the last episode.. for those of you who were following our epic situation (dramatization to the max here), we receive quite a slew of spammers hitting all of our posts with their crap. Hopefully our new system will slow them down at least. As always, we have some exciting new articles coming up. One which many of you will be interested in reading is our "How to find jobs for Ruby on Rails development" offering many tips and resources to help navigate the many growing opportunities for rails developers. You ought to be able to add us once again to your RSS feeds as well so if you haven't done that, please do so! We'll try not to be too boring! Some other things I might mention while i'm rambling are the cool features in mongrel such as the mongrel cluster. Mongrel is of course our personal favorite rails web-server that has proven to be far more reliable and sturdy under the "heat" than lighttpd ever was. It is also so easy to run that it brings tears to my eyes thinking back on the countless hours I struggled getting lighttpd configurations working, even with the help of some of rails most experienced server system admins. And on that note of system administration for rails applications, I also wanted to say that we'll be posting some opinions on todays eternal question of "What is the best place to host my rails site" since we ourselves are looking for some hosting plans that accomodate our needs. If you have any experiences you want to share, we'd love to hear about them. That about wraps up this blurb so thank you for those of you who managed to read it all and welcome back to the Ruby on Rails blog, we're glad you made it.