The Tesla Testament - Book Review

I’m diverting from the main topic this blog usually focusses on (Ruby on Rails) to plug Ruby and Java Developer Eugene Ciurana’s upcoming book, The Tesla Testament.

Many books are described as being as exciting as rollercoasters, akin to rockets taking off or to witnessing a solar eclipse for the first time. Unfortunately, none of those descriptions do The Tesla Testament and its thrilling adventure justice.

This adventure story, a cyber-thriller, engulfs the life of one man, Francis Montagnet, a rogue renegade with a broad history in government ops, in an epic cyclone of dramatic and dangerous endevours. The story takes you inside his head, allowing you to understand him psychologically and emotionally as he combats through cybernetic networks, compounds, sea vessels and of course, life altering experiences. It is fascinating to watch the story unfold with indepth background and wealths of information provided by the author into the life of spies and government coverups. The possibilities at times seem unfathomable with the incredible obstacles put before Francis, and it aids to broaden my imagination as I read about the possible exploits in technology taking place around the world.

There’s nothing anti-climactic about this story. Cyber-terrorism, geo-political plots, covert-ops missions and battle scenes described from the first-person perspective keep the reader glued to the rapidly changing and entertaining plot.

Try to imagine yourself eating at your favorite 5-star restaurant, a hot & tender steak filet in front of you, each bite providing an explosion of flavours and texture. As you finish the final bite, the waiter without asking brings by moist wedge of triple-layered chocolate cake. That savory taste in your mouth as you finish your desert at the end of the meal is a close proximity to the satisfaction I experienced after finishing The Tesla Testament. I took my time, enjoyed each bite and was never let down.

I highly recommend this book to people who enjoy a thrilling adventure story that border-lines between sci-fi and the real-world politics we are experiencing today.

Before you skip reading this though, let me encourage you to do so if you are a fan of adventure-thrillers, cyber-networks, encryption packed, gun blazing super-epics of grand proportions, because that is exactly what Tesla Testament embodies. In the extended part of this article, is my review of the book, I highly encourage you read it, and The Tesla Testament (ISBN# 1-4116-7317-4), you will not regret it.