Upgrade Alert: RoR 1.1.6 and Typo Blog 4.0.2

Security Warning: Ruby on Rails 1.1.5 only fixes part of the security hole. In order to have a secure version of rails, you'll want to upgrade to 1.1.6 today. If however you cannot upgrade, the previous versions of rails have been backdated with the patch so you'll need to run diff to fix your site. Backwards compatability seems to be a major issue many are complaining about currently in the Rails world. With 1.2 nearly approaching, many people are both anxious and worried that their sites will not work with the new changes coming. While new features often smell of great new possibilities, they also loom the impending doom of your site needing extensive modifications to operate properly. Typo 4.0.2 released early this week offering a security compatability with rails 1.1.6 (the newest version) and some new features you'll want to take a look at. Also many bug fixes so it's well worth grabbing. I've also noticed that many of the popular themes for Typo are being made 4.0.0 compatable. If you are using an older version of Typo and are unsure if your theme will work on the new version, check your themes homesite and you may be happily surprised to find it has been made compatable.