Joining the Ruby on Rails Community is Easy!

Ruby on Rails is a Community of Developers

The Importance of Community

It is important to recognize the value of a community when you take on the challenge of learning a new skill or trade. Carpenters have unions. Nurses have unions. Lawyers have.. well, lawyers, they don't have anything.. But web-developers, we have communities! The Rails Community from my experience is broken up in three parts, all equally valuable to learn about and become immersed in if you are looking for support.

Ruby on Rails Mailing List

The ruby on rails mailing list is probably the fastest way to reach a large number of expert developers using ruby on rails. The quickest way to get involved with the Ruby on Rails mailing list is to join up either by Google Groups or using the direct address

Ruby on Rails IRC Chatrooms

If you just have a quick question and are willing to wait for someone knowledgable to discuss it with you, I highly recommend the Ruby on Rails chatroom on the FreeNODE IRC network. You can get there by downloading or running your native IRC client (irssi, mIRC, BitchX, etc.) and connecting to port 6667. Then join #rubyonrails and you'll be surrounded by roughly 450-550 developers who are actively discussing ruby on rails all day long! Be sure to check out #ruby-lang also for ruby language specific questions.

Local Community Groups

This next community aspect for rails and ruby is truly remarkable. Local chapters.rb of developers and enthusiasts who meet frequently to discuss, code and eat pizza together. They are popping up all over the country, from Seattle.rb to Pizza on Rails and even Philly on Rails, now i'm hungry for sure..

It's easy to find help

Between the mailing list, IRC and the local communities, finding help for your woes with Ruby on Rails is really not that difficult! You may even make a few new friends =)