RailsConf Europe 2006 - Details: Speakers, Events - September 14, 15

Well, if you are a true rails fanatic, you've already heard about and possibly signed up to attend this upcoming conference for Ruby on Rails. It will be held London, England of all places! Ironic yet uncoincidental, not too long ago the kid famous forthe Million Dollar Home Page concept was asking on his blog for Ruby on Rails experts to apply for his next project. Let's do a quick summary of the conference details:

When is the Rails conference again?

The conference will take place Thursday, September 14th and Friday the 15th. I knew the actual days of the week it started because I plugged in "September 14th, 2006" into this great rails tool called Datebocks

Where is the conference?

The conference willt ake place in London, England. The venue is the modern style and hip meeting center known as the TUC Congress Central in Central London. They consider it to be the "venue of the future' in England after spending £4.2 million to refurbish it. That's around $8 million USD for any of you without your rails currency conversion calculator handy.

Whose going to be speaking?

This is the big kicker and the reason those who are going to this conference are considered by me to be extremely fortunate. There are some potentially great speaking engagements taking place. Here are the plenary speakers:

  • Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson
  • Pragmatic Programmer Dave Thomas
  • Software engineer and expert par excellence James Duncan Davidson
  • Rake author Jim Weirich
  • Best-selling author and passion maven Kathy Sierra
  • Author, cartoonist, developer Why The Lucky Stiff

Rails Core Developers Will Be doing Questions and Answers

There will also be some 30 additional speakers beyond the Plenary speakers mentioned earlier. Registration closed on September 1st so you'll have to buy scalped tickets at the door or pray your good friends grabbed you one! Chicago's Rails conference sold out and this one looks as promising as it did, a whole lot of fun to be had in just a few days! Plus it's England, Stella is just around the corner! Have fun if you are attending and make sure to fill us in with all the juicy details!