Typo's Future means Plugins, Multiple Sites and More...

The future of Typo the blogging software is looking much brighter than ever before with careful thought being put into plugin Re-architecture. The problem with

the current system is that it makes it incredibly difficult to add plugins onto the typo blogware without adding them to core. That means that the core of the blog becomes extremely bloated with all your extensions resulting in a messy ruby on rails application with files all over the place.

By restructuring it so that the plugins and extensibility can all be found in the vendor directory, typo will become modularized and much easier to extend for the normal developer.

On the horizon are also the prospects of running multiple blogs under a single admin panel. Mephisto also carries this capability but neither system has implemented it correctly yet. It is a race to the top for both of them to get these features into the system so normal users can make use of them (not just the creators using behind the scene hacks).