8 Upcoming Ruby on Rails Books You Do Not Want to Miss

Rails is rapidly developing as a framework and to help us keep up with the pace, several publishing companies out of the kindness of their hearts (muahaaha) have contracted some of the finest minds in the rails community to author some upcoming books. These are books that rails developers should keep a very close eye on. Without further adeu, here they are:

This practical hands-on guide for first-time Ruby on Rails programmers will show you exact how you get started, from installing the required software on your computer to the intriciacies of Ruby syntax. By the end of this book, you’ll know how to rapidly program and deploy reliable Ruby on Rails Web Applications on the Web.

Bonus Rails Books!

I know the title says 8 but who doesn’t like surprises, here’s some extras you’ll want to look into:

  1. Rails in a Nutshell, by Jeremy Voorhis
  2. Mr. Neighborly’s Relevant Ramblings, Pointed Pontifications, and Thought Theories on Ruby & Rails by Jeremy McAnally.
  3. Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Application By Patrick Lenz
  4. Robby Russell is working on a book to be published by O’Reilly. This will then be their second Rails book (they’re already doing a Developer’s Notebook) and the fifth book in total announced for Rails.
  5. Programatic Programmers Agile Web Development with Rails: Second Edition
  6. Rails Deployment: Production Configuration and Advanced Rails Tactics by Ezra Zygmuntowicz
  7. More Rails Recipes: 72 New Ways to Build Stunning Rails Apps by Mike Clark and Chad Fowler
  8. Rails for Java Programmers
  9. TextMate - Editor for Rails - by James Edward Gray
  10. Developing E-commerce Applications with Ruby on Rails