Ruby on Rails Blog is Reviewing Rails Hosting Companies

Why we’re doing it

We’ve received many requests for information regarding good quality hosting.

But why us ?

We use rails everyday, we understand what is needed from a host to run production level applications.

Which rails hosts are being reviewed?

We’d like to review as many hosts as possible in a one to three month period. I’m asking hosts that are interested in participating to contact me at rubyonrailsblog {at} gmail dot com.

What tests will be performed ?

Are we unbiased?

  • Ease of account setup
  • Ease of Rails app deployment
  • Benchmark Speed Tests (many kinds)
  • Customer Support (both friendliness and technical)
  • Uptimes
  • Flexibility - How likely they are going to have gems installed or will I need to ask to have them added.
  • What am I not allowed to do?
  • Are IDN, tidy, ferret, rmagick, mysql & postgresql installed already?
  • For better or worse we do all our own system administration as many of my posts have shown. We’re not into sugar coating benchmarks! Were excited to see where this goes so stay tuned in!