Radrails 0.7.1 Released - Rails Development Just Got Smoother

The release is finally out! It includes a few new features and loads of bug fixes. Here’s an overview of the new and noteworthy.


A new Configuration preference page allows you to set the paths to your Rails, Rake and Mongrel scripts. No more empty Rails project problems.

Goodbye terminal

The terminal view has been removed, and its functionality replaced by the Console view. Generators, Rake Tasks, Plugins, New Project and everything else will output to the Console view. In place of the Terminal button on the toolbar is a Script/Console button, which will launch a development console session in the Console view.

Editor refactoring

Some source editor infrastructure was refactored, and a convenient by-product was bold/italic syntax highlighting preferences for the RHTML, CSS and Javascript editors.

Data table editor

Double-click on a table in the Data Navigator and you’ll see a table editor where you can add, edit and remove rows.

Autotest overhaul

The enable/disable Autotest toggle button has been removed. Autotest is now enabled based on the preferences you select in Window -> Preferences -> Rails -> Autotest. New icons have been created for the status indicator on the toolbar, and the indicator will flash after an Autotest run.

Bug fixes

Starting and stopping servers from the Servers view is now more reliable. The Mongrel server actually works. The unit/functional/integration test toolbar buttons are now consistently working.

Get Your Copy

Download your copy of Radrails here!