Microsoft Silverlight to Support IronRuby aka Ruby Programming Language

It appears some breaking news came out that IronRuby was unveiled at MIX07. This means ruby support for SilverLight CTP. As shown an the article,

Meanwhile, the Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 CTP was disclosed, said to support JavaScript, C#, VB, Ruby, and Python.

The way the ruby support came about apparently was this:

Once Iron Python was created, Microsoft teams looked to see what other languages could be supported, and what aspects of the Iron Python experience “could be factored out into a set of libraries that could be useful to other people trying to build other dynamic languages,” said Lam, now program manager on the Common Language Runtime team at Microsoft.

So what this actually means as far as the potential could be great but that will be later down the line. The important thing here is that Microsoft is making steps towards supporting the ruby programming language. Ruby is getting some well deserved attention and this will surely aid in continuing its growth and development for years to come.