Ruby on Rails Blog is Reviewing Rails Hosting Companies

Why we’re doing it

We’ve received many requests for information regarding good quality hosting.

But why us ?

We use rails everyday, we understand what is needed from a host to run production level applications.

Which rails hosts are being reviewed?

We’d like to review as many hosts as possible in a one to three month period. I’m asking hosts that are interested in participating to contact me at rubyonrailsblog {at} gmail dot com.

8 Upcoming Ruby on Rails Books You Do Not Want to Miss

Rails is rapidly developing as a framework and to help us keep up with the pace, several publishing companies out of the kindness of their hearts (muahaaha) have contracted some of the finest minds in the rails community to author some upcoming books. These are books that rails developers should keep a very close eye on. Without further adeu, here they are:

Locomotive is Ruby on Rails One-click install for MacOS

Installing Locomotive

Drag-n-drop is all there is to installing the Locomotive Ruby on Rails package. Try Ruby on Rails without worrying about breaking

your current system - it’s entirely self-contained. You can always muck around on the command line and irrevocably modify your system with a custom install later, but after trying Locomotive, most people don’t need anything more.

Typo's Future means Plugins, Multiple Sites and More...

The future of Typo the blogging software is looking much brighter than ever before with careful thought being put into plugin Re-architecture. The problem with

the current system is that it makes it incredibly difficult to add plugins onto the typo blogware without adding them to core. That means that the core of the blog becomes extremely bloated with all your extensions resulting in a messy ruby on rails application with files all over the place.

Installing Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL and Rmagick on Windows

Installing Ruby Language Support

  1. Install Ruby using the Ruby one click installer -

As of the writing of this article, 1.8.5-21 is the latest version. There have been problems reported in using ruby 1.8.5-21 with the latest versions of edge rails. I can safely say that using 1.8.4-20 which is also available for download will be your best bet.

Unobtrusive Javascript for Ruby On Rails Plugin!

Rails is a great framework, especially for writing AJAX applications, but the Javascript that the built-in Rails helpers output is a pain in the ass for many. Unobtrusive Javascript for Rails aims to change that.

What can you do with the UJS for Rails Plugin?

Define your page behaviours using CSS-style selectors and Ruby

UJS for Rails makes it easy to apply