Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet Collectors Edition

This Ruby on Rails cheat sheet is a reference guide for that will be continuosly updated and improved as new features are added to rails and new cheat sheet tips are added to the guide. It is a collection from the one of the very best guides, apis and source snippets that are concise that i’ve found. I’ve fixed errors and added highlighting to it and it is a mirror of the one found on nanorails site plus my own changes. New updates will be posted to this post under Recent Updates.

Checking your XHTML Transitional and CSS Validity

Well, a few behind the scenes clutter-removals and broken markup fixes have restored this rails blog to being XHTML valid and CSS valid. If you don't currently have a blog or a website but are looking to build one, I highly recommend checking out this amazing reference for CSS specifications. This will save you worlds of hurt later and can also teach you some pretty amazing styling techniques to make your website really rock the web 2.0 landscape!