Tesly - A Reporting Plugin for Rails

Testing is a habit all good developers should have!

If you were to have asked me six months ago how much Test driven development I was doing when building rails applications, I would have probably said very little. These days, I find myself using tests in almost every application I build and logic I write for my rails coded apps. That is why I wanted to share a new tool I stumbled upon that simplifies documenting tests.

What is Tesly the Tester Plugin

Tesly () is a web-based test plan management app that makes it easy to document your testing activity and see the results of your testing activity.

Why use The Tesly Reporter plugin?

( makes it effortless to report the results of your Rails unit, functional, and integration tests to Tesly. Now your clients and customers can see at a glance what you are testing and whether those tests are passing. :) You can read more about it here: Test case reporting by Ben Curtis